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Sarah Axson, Dubai

"We could not have found a better trainer for our puppy. We were first time dog owners of an anxious rescue and Mena taught us how with patience, kindness and consistency we could help our puppy become the best dog she could be. Thank you Mena for helping us and Ash."

Jackie Baxter, Dubai

"Mena and her team have really supported with adjusting a rather unsettled puppy, into a confident obedient little guy who now enjoys life so much more. Tips and tricks in abundance are offered."

Alex Ramirez F, Dubai

"Mena has been such a great support for us and our dogs Paco and Milo. Paco came to us as a puppy and Mena gave us the right tools to train him and help us all through puppyhood. Unexpectedly, Milo got interested in the trainings too and had conquered big milestones since his first session! I really appreciate Mena's knowledge and energy! She clearly loves what she does and makes training fun! I'm ever so grateful!"

Victor Palacios, Dubai

"I really enjoy Mena's energy. Best in the area!"

Anna Svensson, Dubai

"Mena has helped me tremendously with two of my dogs antisocial and aggressive behavior. Mena has guided me and given me more confidence and I’m happy to say my dogs are now so much better. I’m still continuing with Menas classes and walks , to improve even more and to be a part of her big dog loving ‘training family’.
Would recommend Mena to anyone who needs help with their dog . With Mena there is always hope ."

Claudia Lueck, Dubai

"Mena‘s professional and positive energy as well as the force free training approach achieves fantastic results in dog training. At the same time she’s not only training the dog, but also educates the dog parents to understand their pupp better. The relationship to your dog that Mena helps building will be a confident, happy and life long one."

Jenny Sherif Shokry, Dubai

"Mena is best in the game , not only did she help us in understanding our dog and how we can be better dog parents, she also helped train our dog and improve his behavior ever since he was a pup. Without her life with a crazy GSD would definitely be hectic."

Lauren Jade Wilkins, Dubai

"We started working with Mena just before relocating to the UK our JRT is very reactive on the lead and it was very stressful for all of us! After a few sessions we have seen SO much improvement and if he does react it has given us the confidence to handle the situation calmly we honestly can’t thank Mena enough for all her amazing work Ronnie has conquered his first dog walk with another dog on the lead and it was amazing."

Nataliia Sleptsova, Dubai

"We are with Mena since 2019 and for all these years we are still learning something new every class. My girl is very sweet and playful, but at the same time super selective with making friends and reactive.
Mena has helped and still helping a lot to understand dog’s behavior and guiding me in a right way how to deal with different situations and my pup’s reactions. Me and my dog bond more and more during sessions and I am getting very proud of her. We have had individual classes and group classes as well, which LaLa actually really likes and gets very excited when she sees her classmates and the teacher
I really wish to recommend Mena if you are searching for professional, decent and understanding dog behaviorist."

David Andy Enders, Dubai

"Ginger’s Way is a fantastic puppy training school and made a big difference in the behavior of our puppy and how to approach toilet training, walks and poor behavior.
Would definitely recommend to anyone in Dubai with a new or misbehaving puppy /dog."

Noha Ghanem, Dubai

"Mena is a fantastic person and most helpful. I reached out to her when my dog was really sick and I didn't know her before nor did we work with her to train tchi tchi my 4 months old pupp. She Just heard from a friend of mine that tch tchi was sick and immedaitely she offered help and advice on what to do and where to go. She went out of her way to help a person she didn't even meet before and that shows that she is extremely caring. She is always there for us no matter what.. She has very good technique on how to help me make tchi tchi the happiest dog. We love Mena and we live ginerg's way."

Antonio Bartolo, Dubai

"We are with Mena since last year to train our reactive dog. We have seen our dog make huge progress in the way he adapts to all different stimuli…people, other dogs etc.
We continue to enjoy Mena’s group walks a lot and saw them having a big impact in the way he engages with the outside world. It also gave us the chance to meet like minded people who share similar experiences. Definitely recommended!"

Rebecca Kennils, Dubai

"We first met Mena to help us with our 1st rescue pups separation anxiety, she helped to educate us on dog behaviour and understand the triggers. But we needed her more than ever after we adopted our 2nd dog, and he turned out to be the cutest little dog…secretly disguised as a reactive Tasmanian devil
We have made great progress thanks to Mena and her force free, positive reinforcement training. Would highly recommend."

Tatiana Kalashnikova, Dubai

"We have first met Mena after adopting our first rescue - a really damaged and reactive one year old Saluki. She helped with both basic obedience training (tips on recall etc) as well as dealing with severe separation anxiety, reactiveness and fear.
So when we’ve adopted a second pup we knew who to consult with straight away- she helped enormously with supporting of the dogs bonding, tips on pups training and now with dealing with fear factors and panic modes.
All her recommendations are very much down to earth, logical and doable in a nice and peaceful manner without any abusive actions towards the dogs. It’s pretty much always “why didn’t I think about it myself” moment, but it saves so much time and effort! What we really appreciate is the love of dogs, attentive approach to specific needs of the family and lack of aggressive sales (which is way too common to Dubai). Will never hesitate to recommend Mena to any fur-parents!"

MJ Tapia, Dubai

"I got in touch with Mena to discuss my dog Mavis' behaviour. Mavis is sweet, loyal no issues with proximity but she is scared of anything foreign, very nervous and reactive. The only place where she is comfortable is at home. Once she steps out into the world she's like spiderman with all senses on high alert.
Initially, we joined with just Mavis in group class. We worked on her basic obedience. I remember that after 30mins Mavis would not respond anymore to any commands and Mena told me to respect Mavis' limit. The "dog whisperer" knowledge in my brain tells me otherwise, that I should be Alpha and Mavis should follow. But those methods didn't work for 4 years with her so okay, I conceded.
As Mavis showed progress in recall, stop, sit, down we started training with 2 dogs (including my good boy Pocholo). As Mena puts it, "walking 2 dogs at the same time is your reality so let's work on that". Didn't took a long time I was able to walk both dogs with same hand on a LOOSE LEASH. I could even carry recyclables with 1 hand then 2 dogs with the other on the way to the venue.
Also, instead of pushing Mavis to go to daycare Mena suggested to try pet sitting as subjecting Mavis to such is not helping her confidence. Socialization is after all not just meeting other dogs but being comfortable with the environment.
More than positive reinforcement we got introduced to games based training. Enrichment games for confidence boost and to exercise the dog's thinking process. Training is also more fun at home, with short intervals which sets up the dog for more success. You end the training on a happy note. You are happy, your dogs enjoyed and are happy, more confident and most probably proud of themselves as well.
I have 2 dogs, each are motivated differently and they don't like the same activities. I learned about my dogs' personality, I understood and learned to respect their individuality, adjusted my expectations, and currently living more enjoyably with them.
Since training with Ginger and Mena we could enjoy going to restaurants and doing outdoor adventures with other dog families.
So come and join the most fun way of training your dogs."
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