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Welcome to Ginger's Way

Ginger's Way offers dog training and rehabilitation

We believe in enrichment for your dog and dog training in a force free and choice based way.

Our dog behaviorists are qualified and certified part of the Pet Professional Guildare recognized as an Elite-Level Professional hand-picked and licensed by Victoria Stilwell , are certified as Fear Free Certified Professionals and are Pet Dog Ambassador instructors & assessors.

We offer both private and group classes in the UAE including special classes for reactive dogs as well as classes for puppies, as well as online classes worldwide.

Dog training with Ginger's Way is possible in English, Portuguese and German.

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Mena and her dog Ginger

We are proudly certified

Below you can find more information about our certifications.

Private Dog Training Classes
Group Dog Training Classes
Pet Dog Ambassador Dog Program
Game Night Dog Training Classes
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